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CarbonCheck™ and CarbonStart™

Carbon Credit Potential On-Farm

Rising carbon credit values now mean that rural landowners can benefit from pasture conversion to exotic and native trees for carbon credit yield.  This is the ideal solution for hard or difficult country that cannot be farmed profitably with dry stock. 

Our CarbonCheck™ service helps you get a quick early indicator of the carbon farming value potentially present on your property, carbon accounting options under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, and possible annual revenues with carbon credit modelling (currently modelling at $75 and $110 per credit).   A more formal feasibility assessment is provided by our CarbonStart™ service.  This report assesses potential income and expenses for your carbon farming operation, gives an indicative timeline of the development process to follow, and includes an economic analysis of the venture with calculations of IRR (internal rate of return), NPV (net present values at a discount rate) and undiscounted average annual revenues. 

A carbon farming business can provide steady cashflows or bankable future value as one part of a multi-revenue operation.  It also provides self-insurance for possible future carbon liabilities under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. 

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CarbonRegister - New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Compliance Credits

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) creates a new type of farmer in New Zealand - Carbon Farmers.

Now, rural landowners with qualifying blocks of exotic or native forest can enter the NZETS and receive carbon credits - NZU - that can be traded on the carbon market.  More NZU are issued as the forest grows. 

We have a very efficient system that helps rural landowners to join the NZETS and acquire the credits that are literally sitting in the trees, waiting to be claimed. Our MyCarbon® software quickly calculates holdings and forecasts yields and revenues for carbon farmers on their Carbon Balance Sheet. We also offer advice on how best to manage these credits and trade them in the NZETS.  

The NZETS now has an "emissions cap" set on it, so that emitters have to reduce their emissions or purchase credits to compensate.  Price control changes have supercharged the NZETS, with the price ceiling set at $50, the Government fixed price option (FPO) at $35, and a price floor of $20.  The FPO will apply for 2020-2021 emissions.  The trigger price target for 2026 has recently been re-set to $110.15, so there is ample room for growth in established and new plant carbon forests. 

Demand for credits and their value will continue to go up, as we have long predicted.  Post 1989 rural forestry land values will also increase.

If you would like to know more about maximising your NZETS carbon credit portfolio, please Get in Touch.


CarbonRegister - Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits®

Voluntary Credits - Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VER)

Many of our clients have asked us if there are options to gain carbon credits from their vintage old native forests, to help them manage and fund the preservation of these rare and special forests. This is possible under a specified voluntary carbon mechanism, whereby old native forests are verified as genuine "carbon sinks", because they will never be felled.  

Since these vintage native forests will never be felled, the Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits (VVCC®) held within them can be verified, sold and retired on the Voluntary Carbon Market.  In this way forest owners are acknowledged and rewarded for their work as forest guardians, VVCC buyers have access to an on-going carbon resource, and prove they are committed to helping to preserve the carbon stored in New Zealand's unique and extraordinary old native forest. 

We are currently inviting Expressions of Interest from owners of vintage old native forests who wish to register for VVCC®.  Please register your interest here.  We are also looking for "carbon champions" who wish to purchase a unique and lasting carbon credit holding in New Zealand's remarkable vintage forests.  Key information downloadable in our Summary and Checklist.

If you would like to know more about registering your native forest as a VVCC® forest, or would like to express interest in purchasing these unique credits, please Get in Touch.


Carbon Value & Verification

Identifying Genuine Credits

The rapid development of many voluntary carbon credit schemes with inadequate governance and dubious links to science mean that carbon credit verification is an essential part of due diligence for both buyers and sellers.  Our previous experience as ISO 14001 environmental auditors makes us perfectly placed to offer carbon verification services to all stakeholders in the carbon market.

The above forest is one example where we have offered for sale credits from a New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme-registered forest accompanied by a Verification Report.  These verified credits were contracted for sale in a few hours. We can also provide independent audits of carbon claims, due diligence on voluntary carbon schemes (essential for any buyer), and formal certification through our sister company Green Tick Certification Limited.

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Carbon Footprinting

More and more organisations are finding that they need to complete carbon footprints to understand the sources and levels of their greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions, so that they can then devise plans to reduce their carbon footprint. This is where our CarbonCount™ service helps farmers, businesses, governments and other organisations to obtain a world class carbon footprint.  We operate according to the latest international standards, and we construct the footprint so it can be easily understood by customers, staff and authorities.  It can form the basis of practical and achievable decarbonisation plans, will help reduce carbon liabilities and cost, and will promote your business to customers and the community as a responsible forward-thinking 21st Century organisation. 

Carbon counting for lighter footprints on the planet.



Customised Carbon Farming

We can help you establish and retain control of your carbon farm.  We are happy to help from the CarbonCheck™ stage through to the CarbonRegister and CarbonValue stages. We specialise in helping clients set up and run their own carbon farm, or we can manage the farm for you based on a specific CarbonManage contract.  We can also help you trade your carbon credits.  In all cases, the carbon farmer maintains control of their carbon credit portfolio with our "no surprises" policy.

CarbonValue & Trading

Private Carbon Value Projections and Carbon Trading

Bespoke Carbon Brokerage

We provide private carbon (NZU and VVCC®) trading services for our clients on a confidential bespoke basis.  Trading between our clients privately, or on open platforms, our escrow services ensure that your carbon trading activities are completed promptly and securely in accordance with our Carbon Trading Contract.   

Compliance Credits - New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme NZU

We offer a more complete service for carbon farming clients than traditional market-based traders.  As part of our service, we process on your behalf the complex paperwork needed under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme to declare sales and other transactions to the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Listings NZU here.

Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits VVCC®

Demand for verified voluntary carbon credits is rapidly growing worldwide as organisations realise they need to secure reliable long term sources of credits to offset their emissions.  Our New Zealand-based VVCC® from old native forest provide just such a supply.

Listings VVCC® here.

Carbon Revenue Projections

And our MyCarbon® software projections are proving surprisingly accurate in predicting credit cashflow yields and market trends.  While we will never claim to have a crystal ball, good mathematics and an understanding of commercial drivers can be of great and timely assistance to you in managing your carbon portfolio.

Image by Daniel Páscoa

Carbon Cooperative

Combined Carbon Venture

Economies of scale have led to great commercial and sustainability benefits in many situations throughout the world.  Carbon management is one discipline which is automatically global, because emissions of greenhouse gases from one location add up to affect everybody and everything in every location.  Stabilising our atmosphere, seas and lands is our generation's critical mission for the 21st Century.

GreenXperts has identified a need for small to medium size carbon operators to join together to create, manage and promote good carbon stewardship at scale.  We are in the process of setting up the legal structure of a carbon cooperative that will meet these needs for official members.  Members will have exclusive access to high quality scientific, legal, carbon trading, marketing and group purchase services.

Expressions of interest are sought from parties interested in harnessing the power of a 21st Century Carbon Cooperative to achieve our mission: "Go Carbon Negative". Get in Touch with us to find out more.

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Carbon Reduction


Too much greenhouse gas (carbon) in the atmosphere as a result of human activities is having increasingly dire impacts on Planet Earth and all the living things (humans included) that depend on it.  The primary sources of carbon are fossil-fuel use and deforestation. 

As a society we have three choices: reduce emissions, absorb carbon, and adapt to climate change.  We can help you achieve these goals by completing a CarbonCount™ of your business and advising you how to adopt management strategies and new technology to decarbonise your activities and literally save your world.  Our specialist tool GAILE™ - Greenhouse gas Analysis Inventory Liquidity and Elimination - can help identify areas where you can reduce emissions and help take your business and society into a better 21st Century.