Carbon 100ha+ Club™

New Zealand Native and Exotic Forest

Carbon 100ha+ Club™

Earn Carbon Revenue and Other Benefits from 100ha+ Hard Country

Many farmers in New Zealand have hard or difficult country which returns little, if any revenue. 

Rising carbon credit values mean that farmers can benefit from pasture conversion to exotic and native trees for carbon credit yield. 

Carbon credits can generate annual cash flows, or be "banked" for future use.

This is the ideal solution for country that cannot be farmed profitably with dry stock. 

Land values go up when carbon forest is registered in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS). Other benefits include stabilisation of hill country, reduction of soil loss, improvement in water quality, re-establishment of native forest, creation of additional bee habitat, compliance with council rules, self-insurance against future carbon liability with your own "carbon bank" in the hills, a positive contribution to farm environmental plans, and a great sustainability story for local and export buyers.

Our Carbon 100ha+ Club™ is designed to help farmers with over 100 contiguous hectares of hard country (100ha+) to maximise the carbon farming value present.  We can help you plant the right mix of exotic and native trees for your carbon farm. A carbon farming business can provide steady cashflows or bankable future value on its own, or as part of a multi-revenue operation. Current carbon credit value projections mean that a carbon farming business with a value of $3-5 Million is possible with a land resource of 100 hectares plus. 

We can help you capture this value with our four step process:

Step 1 - Assess the carbon credit potential on your property

Step 2: Provide you with a carbon farming business case for your directors and financiers

Step 3: Prepare and submit your application to join the NZETS

Step 4: Train you to manage your carbon farm, or manage it for you.

This way, you maintain control of your carbon farming business.

We also offer a confidential carbon brokerage to help you maximise the trading value of your carbon credits.

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