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You could be sitting on a treasure trove and not even know it. The NZETS gives landowners the opportunity to create a new revenue stream with carbon credits from Post-1989 forests, especially with marginal land that is difficult to farm or develop. We can help you unlock your land’s potential with our expertise in the NZETS and carbon farming. Your old Pre-1990 Native Forest may qualify for Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits (VVCC®). Contact us today to discuss eligibility checks, registration, revenue, planting, emission returns, voluntary carbon credits, Carbon FAQ and more. 



The first step to making the most of your trees and land is checking your eligibility. The NZETS has rules around what trees and land qualify. With our assessment of your eligibility, we can give you tailored advice for going forward.


Your land has potential – even the hard stuff. Your land can begin working for you with solid short-term and long-term planning. We help answer questions like what to plant and where to plant for the NZETS. Talk with us today for expert advice on planting trees for the NZETS and new revenue streams from carbon farming.  


With eligibility assessed, we take away the hassle of putting together your application to the Ministry of Primary Industries. We work closely with you in the registration process of the NZETS and ensure a professional application is submitted. 


Want to explore options outside of the NZETS? Blue and green carbon offset projects and  voluntary credits could be for you.  Our rigorous audit process ensures all the voluntary credits and projects we verify are authentic.  Talk with us today about our new Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits (VVCC) scheme for old NZ native forest - Protecting the Giants®.


Find out what kind of revenue your trees and land could yield for you with our customised carbon revenue projections. We can help you claim your carbon credits by assisting with your Emission Returns and trading your carbon credits.

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