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Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) creates a new type of farmer in New Zealand - Carbon Farmers. Now, rural landowners with qualifying blocks of forest can enter the NZETS and receive carbon credits - NZU - that can be traded on the carbon market.  More NZU are issued as the forest grows. 

We have a very efficient system that helps rural landowners to join the NZETS and acquire the credits that are literally sitting in the trees, waiting to be claimed. Our MyCarbon® software quickly calculates holdings and forecasts yields and revenues for carbon farmers on their Carbon Balance Sheet. We also offer advice on how best to manage these credits and trade them within the framework of the NZETS.  

The New Zealand Government has released its proposals for amendments of  the NZETS in 2020.  Essentially the price control changes will act to "supercharge" the NZETS, as the price ceiling will be set at $50, the Government fixed price option will go to $35, and there will be a price floor of $20.  This potentially increases carbon credit portfolio values by 140%-200%.  

Demand for credits and their value will go up, as we have long predicted to our clients.  Rural forestry land values will also increase.  

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