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Carbon Farming - New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Compliance Credits

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) creates a new type of farmer in New Zealand - Carbon Farmers.

Now, rural landowners with qualifying blocks of exotic or native forest can enter the NZETS and receive carbon credits - NZU - that can be traded on the carbon market.  More NZU are issued as the forest grows. 

We have a very efficient system that helps rural landowners to join the NZETS and acquire the credits that are literally sitting in the trees, waiting to be claimed. Our MyCarbon® software quickly calculates holdings and forecasts yields and revenues for carbon farmers on their Carbon Balance Sheet. We also offer advice on how best to manage these credits and trade them in the NZETS.  

The New Zealand Government has confirmed its proposals to amend the NZETS in June 2020.  The NZETS now has an "emissions cap" set on it, so that emitters have to reduce their emissions or purchase credits to compensate.  Price control changes will "supercharge" the NZETS, with the price ceiling set at $50, the Government fixed price option (FPO) at $35, and a price floor of $20.  The FPO will apply for 2020 emissions.  From June 2020, this policy change significantly increases carbon credit portfolio values by 140%-200%.  

Demand for credits and their value will continue to go up, as we have long predicted.  Post 1989 rural forestry land values will also increase.

If you would like to know more about maximising your NZETS carbon credit portfolio, please Get In Touch.


Carbon Farming - Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits®

Voluntary Credits

Many of our clients have asked us if there are options to gain carbon credits from their vintage old native forests, to help them manage and fund the preservation of these rare and special forests. This is possible under a specified voluntary carbon mechanism, whereby old native forests are verified as genuine "carbon sinks", because they will never be felled.  

Since these vintage native forests will never be felled, the Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits (VVCC®) held within them can be verified, sold and retired on the Voluntary Carbon Market.  

In this way forest owners are acknowledged and rewarded for their work as forest guardians, VVCC buyers have access to an on-going carbon resource, and prove they are committed to helping to preserve the carbon stored in New Zealand's unique and extraordinary old native forest. 

Each old native forest listed on our VVCC Schedule goes through a formal verification process similar to registration under the NZETS, with specific standards set for it to qualify as a genuine permanent native forest carbon sink.  A full forest description, map (including GPS references), verification report, photos, video (where available), and VVCC Certificate is issued for each individual VVCC Forest.  GreenXperts' registered assessors personally visit each forest prior to listing.  GreenXperts maintains a formal record of each VVCC forest (the VVCC Schedule), and conducts monitoring checks on forest status triennially.  With their approval, VVCC buyers are publicly acknowledged and listed on the VVCC Schedule next to the forest they have helped preserve.

We are currently inviting Expressions of Interest from owners of vintage old native forests who wish to register for VVCC®; and from "carbon champions" who wish to purchase a unique and lasting carbon credit holding in New Zealand's remarkable vintage forests.  Key information downloadable in our Summary and Checklist.

If you would like to know more about registering your native forest as a VVCC® forest, or would like to express interest in purchasing these unique credits, please Get In Touch.


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