Climate Change 

Adapting to Climate Change 

Despite what some might say, Planet Earth responds only to the laws of physics.  And those laws are no respecter of persons or politics. Climate change is upon us, and as responsible professionals GreenXperts takes the view that we need to be ready to advise our clients on the best available adaptation and mitigation means we can to reduce climate risk and pass on to our children a healthy planet.  We have been committed to this goal since our inception, and we are proud to say that we have been involved in solutions and positive change individually and corporately for over 20 years.  We helped create the first coastal planning zones for Northland and North Auckland in the mid 1980's, and we have monitored trends in land development and climate change response since then.

The latest International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report (Sixth Assessment Report 9 August 2021, cover image shown above) paints a grim picture for human civilisation if we do not take effective action now to price carbon emissions correctly, abandon fossil fuels as fast as possible, and replant large portions of Planet Earth permanently.  New Zealand, amongst other countries, is already experiencing the dramatic effects of climate change, whereby droughts and floods are more common, with the spectre of sea level rise and the huge effects of a possible shut-down of the Gulf Stream (which stabilises Northern Hemisphere weather) clearly in view.  New Zealand's rainfall has halved in the last two years, and this must be of grave concern to all of us. 

New technology is bringing us better options day by day, and at the very least we can say we have been responsible for the planting of a great many trees!  Our specialist application GAILE™ - Greenhouse Gas Analysis Inventory Liquidity and Elimination - is a starting point to help identify areas where you can reduce emissions and manage climate change risk to your business or property.  GAILE™ can be used efficiently for domestic, recreational, commercial and industrial applications to measure emissions, figure out how to reduce them, and plan wisely for climate change-effected futures. 

We can help you produce a Climate Response Plan - a critical tool for many businesses, communities and even households in coming years.  We also provide independent Climate Change Risk Management Strategies and formal reporting for businesses and other agencies to their shareholders, stakeholders, media, stock markets, and government financial and environmental authorities.

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