Expert Guidance

GreenXperts has worked on literally hundreds of resource consent applications on behalf of clients and on behalf of regional and district councils.  We offer our clients the great advantage of knowing our way around all of the sometimes complex channels that need to be navigated in the process of gaining consent.  We can help you determine what consents you need for your development, prepare consent applications for you, organise any specialist assistance needed (eg. sustainable design, noise, landscape, contaminated site reports), present them to councils and the public where needed, and assist to ensure those consents will serve you well in the future.  We also offer proven expert witness services.  There's nothing like experience and deep knowledge of the consent and submission process.


Development Project Management

Improved Port Services

From single lot subdivisions to major port redevelopments, we have completed projects large and small for our clients across New Zealand, and previously with other consultancies in Australia, South America, and the United Kingdom.  Key elements for success are excellent project management, application of the right skill set, deep understanding of the needs and drivers of consent authorities and communities, crystal-clear communications, and a practical down-to-earth approach.  Here's just one example of a complex challenging project we've completed successfully.


Contaminated Site (HAIL) Reports

Specialist Services

Contaminated site assessments and HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) reports are required by New Zealand councils for land development projects where there exists the possibility of a property being contaminated by past land uses, especially by heavy metals or environmentally persistent chemicals.  Planning controls and soil contaminant values are prescribed by the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health.  We were part of the team that assisted the New Zealand Government to create this National Standard. 

We have over 20 years' experience in preparing HAIL reports at PSI (preliminary site investigation) and DSI (detailed site investigation) level across urban, rural, horticultural and industrial sites. In all cases at PSI level, we conduct a minimum programme of soil sampling to determine whether or not a site is contaminated.  We will not base our PSI solely on site histories, as these can be misleading or totally wrong (for better or for worse!).

And should a DSI be needed, our PSI are designed to guide the DSI and any site remediation (if needed).  In this way, site risks and site clean-up works can be controlled efficiently at minimum cost. HAIL reports can be very tricky and can involve considerable risk, so Get In Touch with us for proven specialist help.