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Environmental Assessments

Sustainable Operations

Environmental assessments are essential for development projects and product claims of all kinds across the globe.  Proof that a business, product, service or programme is sustainable is provided by an environmental assessment, commonly known as an environmental impact assessment or EIA.

An EIA is compulsory for all resource consent applications in New Zealand.  Due diligence on a business or a project will often require an EIA.  Shareholders are increasingly asking for forms of EIA to ensure the sustainability of companies they invest in.  Climate change impact assessments are a form of EIA, as are life-cycle assessments (LCA) of products and services.

Whatever form of EIA you need, we have over 35 years' of experience preparing and vetting EIA for all types of activities and industries.  Get In Touch with us to learn more about how we can help you create a robust EIA for your project, or review an EIA that you are concerned with.


Environmental Assurance and Audit


Knowing the truth and telling the truth can be two different things.  Our auditors have the investigative skills and industry knowledge necessary to pick up potential problems quickly, and to check whether green claims are really what they seem to be.

There are five levels of environmental assurance:

(1) ComplianceCheck™ against current laws and practices;

(2) Assurance by desk-top examination;

(3) Audit by a formal prescribed process, eg. ISO 14000;

(4) Verification of a claim by examination against the claims made;

(5) Certification against independent standards including site or product examination.

Whether you need a "fresh set of eyes" to make sure all is well, or a canny check of what others claim to be, we can help with our forensic science and due diligence disciplines.

We offer Green Ratings of Green Bonds, Projects, Services, Products and Organisations. We also verify sources of carbon credits.

And if you need formal high profile certification, we can refer you on to our sister company Green Tick Certification Limited.

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Environmental Planning

Sustainable Futures

Environmental planning is about planning for a sustainable future by figuring out how we can operate within the environmental limits of Planet Earth.  There are many types of environmental plan, ranging from a simple small farm or business plan through to the global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions agreed to by most countries in the Paris Agreement 2015.

We can help with project, farm, business, manufacturing and utility environmental plans.  We have also worked on district, regional and national plans for environmental management, in terms of writing those plans, and submitting on them on behalf of interested and affected clients.

Farm Environmental Plans are now compulsory in New Zealand, and we have available farm plan templates for dairy, dry stock, horticulture and cropping enterprises.  "Simply Sustainable™" is our motto for our farm plans - providing simple, robust, and compliant templates and sustainability advice for busy farmers without overkill. 

More information on our FEP page.