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The New Zealand Government has announced plans to allow Agriculture to have its own emissions pricing scheme “AgETS” by 2025, separate from the NZETS.  The Agriculture sector has five years to develop a farm-level pricing mechanism.  The sector is aiming to measure all emissions at farm level by 2022. If the farm-based scheme is not established in time, agriculture will be included in the NZETS by default in 2025.  It could be brought in by 2022 if the Government considers it is not developing fast enough. 

Internationally, the European Union is developing carbon tariff proposals which may result in import duties being placed on products that come from nations or industries that do not have an effective greenhouse gas management scheme in place.  The details of import duty proposals are being considered now, and may come into effect as early as 2021.

We have available a set of ready-made farm and horticultural carbon plan templates based on the ISO 14064-2 (2019) international greenhouse gas measurement standard and New Zealand Government guidelines.  The ISO 14064-2 framework provides high quality carbon assurance for domestic and export markets.  Our templates produce simple, robust, and forward-looking carbon plans.  They also include a "Carbon Balance Sheet".  In this way, farmers and growers get a clear view of their carbon position, can plan to reduce carbon liabilities, and can work towards having a well-stocked ‘carbon bank’ to draw on in future.  In most cases our carbon plans can be completed in six months with farmer assistance. Thus, farmers and growers have a carbon plan that can be adapted to meet the needs of the "AgETS" and EU requirements, presenting a powerful sustainability sell to export markets.

Among our staff are carbon experts and independent environmental advisers and auditors with decades of on-farm experience.  We can help farmers rapidly put in place their Farm Carbon Plan and Carbon Balance Sheet.

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