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On 3 September 2020 the updated New Zealand National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, new National Environmental Standards for Freshwater, and new regulations for stock access to freshwater became law.

Certain actions must be taken now by the agricultural industry to protect freshwater resources.  Over the next 12 months, all farms over 20 hectares (dairy, dry stock and horticulture) will be required to begin preparing a compulsory Farm Environmental Plan, including a freshwater module.  These changes will be administered by Regional Councils, and plans will be audited.

We have staff who are ex-Regional Council officers, and who are qualified as independent environmental auditors.  With this expertise and our contacts in the Government sector, we can offer a rapid response to farmers needing help with farm plans, fertiliser management and other freshwater responsibilities.  We can act as either advisors or auditors.  We can help farmers make the best of the new system. 

So Contact Us now for more information on tools that provide shrewd and sustainable freshwater management on your farm.


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