Greenhouse Gas Analysis Inventory Liquidity Elimination

GAILE™ is GreenXperts' proprietary multifunction system for the management of greenhouse gases (GHG). 

GAILE™ has modules that:

  • Analyse and count GHG emissions and uptake;

  • Carbon footprint activities, projects, products, services and businesses;

  • Inventory GHG across an activity, project, business or product;

  • Calculate carbon credit liquidity;

  • Create a Carbon Balance Sheet for a business, project or activity; and,

  • Create GHG reduction plans and programmes.

GAILE™ comes in six purpose-built versions (the 'six winds' of our logo):

1) GAILE™ Household

2) GAILE™ SME - small and medium-sized business 

3) GAILE™ Farm - dairy, dry stock, horticulture, cropping

4) GAILE™ Industrial - large business

5) GAILE™ Projects - GHG reduction enterprises 

6) GAILE™ Research.

In this way the technology that makes up GAILE™ is targeted to each application with the right level of scope, complexity, and cost.

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