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Green Investments

Green$Intelligence™  Green Bond Ratings™  Green$Connector™

Green Investments are becoming more and more popular as investors and the public focus their intention on making sure that society's use of money really does produce sustainable results for everything that depends upon Planet Earth for its existence. 

However, some "green" investments are not what they seem, and so it is wise for investors to seek professional help from sustainability experts to make sure their money lands in the right place and ends up doing the right thing from a sustainability perspective.  

For investors, GreenXperts is well positioned to provide sharply focused "green forensic" advice on the green claims and offerings of various financial and corporate institutions.  Our sustainability audit training and experience can be used to advise on the merits, or otherwise, of claimed "green" financial packages, bonds, companies, or investments.  Our advanced green forensic system Green$Intelligence™ (G$I™) rapidly assesses and reviews green project offerings directly from institution databases and e-sources.

For financial institutions and companies, we can advise on how offerings can be structured from a "green" perspective so that greenwashing, "green short-selling" and other reputational and financial risks are minimised. 

Independent Green Ratings and Green Bond Ratings are also available from us.

And we provide a Green$Connector service which connects Genuinely Green projects with Genuinely Green $.  Our Green$Connector™ information base is a scientifically-vetted platform for Genuinely Green Investments and Investors with listings from Australasia to Europe.

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Note: GreenXperts Limited is not a financial adviser, and makes no claims to offer any form of financial advice or service in its "Green Investments" portfolio.  We recommend that in parallel with our sustainability services, independent financial advice be sought from a government-registered advisory authority on any particular financial investment or project.