Green $ Connector™

Genuinely Green Projects + Genuinely Green $

Certain "Green Bond" projects and instruments are coming under increasing criticism from the public, government authorities and experienced investors regarding "greenwash".  Authorities are signalling that more regulation is needed, and a number of investigations and proposals for new "green assurance" rules are underway in various jurisdictions.  

GreenXperts is ideally placed as a connector between promoters of Green Projects and providers of Green Finance to bring Genuinely Green Investment parties together.  We have seen the need for an independent, scientifically-vetted platform for Green Investments, and so we have created one  - Green$Connector™

Currently Green$Connector™ contains listings of Genuinely Green Projects and Genuinely Green $ from locations in Australasia, Asia and Europe. There are listings from ten leading stock exchanges on board, with listings from certain banks also in process.  We will be continually updating, improving and expanding our Global Green$Connector™ databases and services.  Our aim is to build and provide financial markets with the world's most reliable Global Green Project+Green Funds platform with respect to green assurance.  

So if you are an Investor looking to place your funds in a Genuinely Green Project,

or you are a Promoter looking to secure Genuinely Green $ funding, contact us for an initial confidential consultation. 

Note: GreenXperts Limited is not a financial adviser, and makes no claims to offer any form of financial advice or service in its "Green Investments" portfolio.  We recommend that in parallel with our sustainability services, independent financial advice be sought from a government-registered advisory authority on any particular financial investment or project.  All listings held in Green$Connector™ are from publicly available information sources.  Use of any other parties' public information is not an endorsement of our services by them or their services by us.  GreenXperts Limited remains an independent sustainability advisory company as specified in our Terms and Conditions.