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Everyone is familiar with credit ratings as an indicator that a financial product is "credit-worthy", for example, A, AA, and AAA credit ratings. 

A Green Rating by GreenXperts is an indicator that something is "planet-worthy", with green ratings of G, GG and GGG.

GreenRatings@GreenXperts are based on our innovative weighted attributes method that acts as a "green filter" for all types of green claims.  Any green claim can be put through our "green filter", and the robustness of it tested. Consumers and the public have the assurance that our green ratings are performed by independent professionals qualified in sustainability science and engineering, whose sustainability assurance work has never been challenged or discredited.  And organisations genuinely committed to sustainability will acquire a powerful green rating brand for their products and services. 

See the outline and example below.  More detailed information is in our downloadable Summary.  Ratings for Green Bonds use the same system, go to GreenBondRatings@GreenXperts.  Our current green ratings are listed at XList

Formal sustainability certification is available at our sister company Green Tick® Certification Limited.  A Green Tick Certification automatically qualifies for a GGG ("Triple G") Excellent rating. Don't hesitate to Contact Us for GreenRatings@GreenXperts.

Green Ratings

We use a four-point scale to rate green claims by organisations, products, services and programmes.  Each application for a green rating is put through our "green filter" to determine whether it should be awarded a "Triple G" Excellent, or "Double G" Very Good, or "Single G" Adequate, or F "FAIL" insufficient or false disclosure.

We use our weighted attributes scoring protocol as the "green filter".  See below for an explanation of this, and an example from New Zealand.


Weighted Attributes Scoring

A Weighted Attributes scoring system is a method widely used to compare different project, product, system, or bidding proposals where a large number of factors can affect the result.  Certain key criteria critical to the project being assessed are listed, and they are weighted with a mathematical score that reflects the importance of each assessment criteria.  A weighted score of 'X' out of 100 presents a convenient and easily understood assessment protocol.

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (the ESG Suite) are weighted at 50%, because they are by far the most important factors in "green assurance".  Project Description is weighted at 15%, clarity and completeness needed.  Suitably Qualified Persons for integrity of assurance is weighted at 15%, and Monitoring weighted at 5%, because sustainability is a long game and monitoring systems are often inadequate or missing.  Finally, Transparency is weighted at 15%, it being the characteristic that generates the most public complaint about inadequate disclosure.


Example Rating - Pataua North Boat Ramp GGG ("Triple G" = Excellent)

The Pataua North Boat Ramp is an excellent example of a small local authority maritime servicing project that has been sensitively designed and carefully constructed to make the most of a high profile public amenity on a beautiful coastline.  Notice that the seagull roost to the right of the boat ramp remains undisturbed.  During our inspection, we observed that a historical stormwater problem appeared solved, and water quality around the boat ramp was high.

SusanSamsung210318 096.jpg

Weighted Attributes Score - Pataua  North Boat Ramp

This is the weighted attributes score for the Pataua North Boat Ramp.   The nature of the project is very clear on the public record, its community profile and public use is high, so its Project Description score was 15/15.  The ESG Suite required for the activity is mandated by New Zealand Resource Management law, and goes through a public review process, scoring 50/50.  The owner of the facility is a public authority - the Whangarei District Council.  Council staff and contractors are well known for their expertise in environmental science and marine engineering, scoring 15/15.  Monitoring is part of scheduled works maintenance, but monitoring reports have to be requested from Council, scoring 3/5.  Transparency is high, with key information available on the public record, but some searching is required in Council records to locate it, scoring 10/15.  Total Green Rating Score 93/100.  Our independent Green Rating of this development is GGG™: Triple G = Excellent.


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