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Senior Management

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Susan Harris

Principal Scientist & Planner

Susan is a very experienced environmental scientist, planner and project manager.  She has been a leader of teams of scientists, engineers and technicians for over 25 years across Australasia, Asia and South America.  Susan is a recognised international authority in sustainability.  Her vision has always been to bring together a trusted group of tried and true experts dedicated to providing the best solutions possible for the sustainability challenges we face, with that edge and vision to innovate for tomorrow.  Give Susan a call when you need help to do the best for today, and tomorrow. 

Mobile: +64 22 1544 958 Email: susan.harris@greenxperts.co.nz


Ashley Harris


Not one to be found in the office, Ashley has turned his hard-won experience in the field as a forester, silviculturalist and cross-cutter into a solid sound advisory source for clients finding their way through forests.  His down-to-earth approach helps clients understand the practical realities of planting, pruning, tending and recovering forests for the future.  This, together with his canny approach to forestry business deals, gives clients a sound platform to work from.  If you need truly independent advice targeted to your needs alone, give Ashley a call.  Mobile: +64 22 650 2085  Email: ashley.harris@greenxperts.co.nz


Keith Wood

Commercial Manager

Keith has many years' experience in the transport industry and government dealing with the 'mega-issues' and ever changing policy directions nationally and internationally.  Keith  is our networker and trends analyst supreme.  If it's coming over the horizon, Keith will know about it.  Keith has worked in small and large teams for government and corporate clients, and has that knack of drawing out the best in everybody from all worlds.  If there's a possibility of doing something smarter, faster, or cleaner, Keith will let us know.  Despite his tendency to be looking to the hills, Keith has that happy knack of knowing when reality will bite.  So when you need someone with a powerful combination of commercial and futures sense, contact Keith.  Mobile: +64 27 663 0100, Email: keith.wood@greenxperts.co.nz