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Example: Carbon Farming

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) creates a new type of farmer in New Zealand - Carbon Farmers.

Now, rural landowners with qualifying blocks of forest can enter the NZETS and receive carbon credits - NZU - that can be traded on the carbon market.  More NZU are issued as the forest grows.

We have available a very efficient system for rural landowners to join the NZETS and acquire the credits that are literally sitting in the trees, waiting to be claimed.

We also offer advice on how best to manage these credits within the framework of the NZETS.

Photograph: Young pine (Pinus radiata) forest in New Zealand

Our Services


We help clients acquire, manage, buy, sell and certify carbon credits.  Here is our service list to help you maximise your carbon credit portfolio.

Billion Tree Funding Programme (New Zealand only)

Billion Tree Funding Applications - we have a dedicated team working on Billion Tree Funding Applications for native and exotic plantations across New Zealand.  We can help you turn your marginal land into a carbon credit-producing unit that will yield benefits for generations to come. 


Carbon Farming

Carbon Potential Report - find out if a property qualifies for the NZETS, and what potential there is for carbon farming on the site.

Carbon Farming Feasibility and Revenue Projection Report - find out if your property can be used for carbon farming, and what revenue in terms of carbon credits (NZU) you might earn from it.

Carbon Asset Summary and Valuation (CASV) - find out what your carbon assets (credits) are worth.

CarbonRegister - have your forests or projects registered in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

CarbonPrice and CarbonProjection - formal valuation of your credits now, and projections under various futures scenarios.

MyCarbon  application - economic modelling of carbon credit value now and in the future, revenues and costs for any combination of carbon, wood, dry stock, dairy and manuka honey production, updated for any given time interval.   

Carbon Management

Carbon Management Plans  - make sure you meet your NZETS legal obligations, and maximise your NZU holdings.

Carbon Risk Reduction - audit your operations to reduce risk and find benefits.

Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Cost Reduction Plans, Carbon Budgets, Carbon Balance Sheets - our MyCarbon  software can deliver international quality analysis and advice to you for affordable prices.

Carbon Alert Service (FREE for our clients) - latest updates on international and local market movements and changes.

Carbon Trading

CarbonTrader - we offer broker services that ensure that the buyer gets credible credits, the seller gets a competitive price, and that all the transfer paperwork and responsibilities are handled quickly and efficiently at the same time.  Our brokers are registered with Government Emissions Trading authorities. Go to Carbon Trading Portal here.


Carbon Credit Certification

Green Tick Certification - through our sister company Green Tick Certification Limited, we offer independent carbon credit certification.  Premium prices may be sought for certified credits.  Our certifiers are government registered.  We recommend a "Carbon Negative" certification be acquired to add value to your credits.

Xamples - soon we will have recent project examples up on a dedicated XCarbon page.  Here are a few images of our work:







Find out more - Contact Us for a free 15 minute consultation, or for a quote on any of the services above.

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