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Being of Scots' farming descent makes us have a frugal approach to certain expenses.  Fertiliser management is one area where frugality is a wise tactic.  The land and waterways can only absorb so much N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium) and sulphur (S) before the excess runs off to acidify soils, contaminate waterways, and deplete streams of oxygen, resulting in algal blooms, bad odour and fish kills. 

Productivity demands, major fertiliser expenses  and major environmental damage can be conflicting factors in fertiliser management.  Sound independent advice based on proven science is a must. The science is complex, and so we have automated the best of it into NutrientPro™, our independent scientific tool for fertiliser "prescriptions".

NutrientPro™ takes your farm's geology, soils, fertiliser history, water resources, up- and down-catchment features, regional council rules, production targets and budgets, and independently calculates your fertiliser prescription.  It then matches this to fertiliser company offerings, and recommends the best application based on sustainability and your budget.  NutrientPro's prescription can be 'tweaked' if you wish to spend a little more, or a little less.  Paddock-by-paddock prescriptions are possible depending on how good your soil tests are.

NutrientPro™ reports include a fertiliser application map and costing, and an environmental compliance map, see examples above.  If non-compliant, NutrientPro can recommend amendments to the fertiliser application to comply with council rules.

Secure your fertiliser futures with your own, completely independent NutrientPro™ prescription.


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