FEP Horticulture

FEP Horticulture


Horticulture Farm Environmental Plan - Base Planning Module and Freshwater Module Horticulture.


Reference standards: NPS - Freshwater 2020 | ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System


Set programme - two site visits (1 day each), two video conferences.


12 month project from date of commission.


Deliverable: Farm Environmental Plan - Version 1.


Travel, laboratory, equipment hire (if any) costs and more than two site visit days additional.





    Horticulture Farm Environmental Plan Content:

    1. Base Planning Module: Assess | Plan | Do | Check.  Farmer-assisted data collection.  Farm Map.  Reports - ComplianceCheck™, Options, Action Plan, Monitoring Plan, Annual Progress Report.

    2. Freshwater Module Horticulture: Freshwater Management On-Farm under National Freshwater Laws and Regional Council statutory plans.

    Two site visits included, others may be commissioned additionally.

    Two video conferences.

    12 month project from date of commission.  Note this timeframe will depend upon client assistance.

    Deliverable to your nominated email:
    1. Two (2) draft plans; and,

    2. One (1) electronic final plan  .pdf file [Your Farm Name] Environmental Plan Version 1 [Completion date]


    Please note scope and work programme limits of project.  All prices include GST.  We do not have to give a refund if you change your mind about a commission — so please choose carefully. 


    We will contact you by telephone or email within 3 working days of receiving your order.  We will be requesting copies of farm maps and other relevant information be sent to us by email.  We reserve the right to extend delivery times depending on workload.  We always do our best to deliver services on time.


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