QuickCommercialCheck™ on a commercial property:

Level 1 report information: zone/subzone; proposed zone/subzone; development limits; designations; contaminated site (HAIL); Maori claim; earthquake zone; hazard zone (eg. landslip, sealevel rise); significant natural areas; reserves; resource consents; national rules that apply (eg. afforestation, freshwater, highly productive land); other issues found.


Level 2 report information: Development limits and potential at the site, risks and opportunities, eg. subdivision, access,  infrastructure, building and planning envelopes, landscape, reverse sensitivity.  An experienced commercial planning professional will advise you on what the information could mean for you. Desk-top review only, site visit arranged on request with additional fee.



    QuickCommercialCheck gives commercial property owners and buyers a quick summary of the national, regional and district planning and environmental laws that apply to a property or area.  It then describes in more detail development limits and potential at the site, and key property and development management issues.  It is not a full due diligence, and does not replace nor substitute for legal advice.  Not a LIM or a PIM.


    Please note scope limits of report.  All prices include GST.  We do not have to give a refund if you change your mind about a purchase — so please choose carefully. If the product you have bought is faulty, we will provide a remedy as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act.


    Delivery .pdf file within 3-5 working days to nominated client email.  We reserve the right to extend delivery times depending on workload.  We always do our best to deliver reports on time.