Secure Sustainability

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1. Correct Definition

Sustainability means many things to many people.  To make real, measured progress, it is important to start with the correct definition of sustainability.  Sustainability means operating in a way that does not permanently damage the environment, including people.  Or, put another way, it means living within the limits of Planet Earth so that our descendants inherit a world that can provide the essentials of life for them.  In New Zealand, our law calls this "providing for the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations."  We think this is a good starting point for all sustainability practice.  See below for the rest of our Six Point Sustainability Strategy and portfolio of Sustainability Services.

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2. Current Position

Once we understand how the correct definition of sustainability applies to your organisation, project, product or service, we can move on to help you establish your current sustainability status. We can help you identify the benchmarks or measures that can be used to determine your sustainability position.  If you already have benchmarks in place, we can check that they are appropriate and effective.  Then we can proceed to the important Sustainability Risk Assessment step.

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3. Risks and Opportunities

The Sustainability Risk Assessment involves looking at the risks and opportunities that your current form of sustainability management brings to you.  We look at these in terms of the latest science, practical realities, legal obligations, local and global market trends, your position in relation to your competitors, customer views of your position and claims, and reputational issues across traditional and social media.  Our proven experience in sustainability management and independent view can be very insightful and game-changing for your business.

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4. Best Way Forward

Once we have identified and discussed the risks and opportunities that are present in your activities, we can help you design a Specific Sustainability Strategy to reach your sustainable legal, operational, reputational and commercial goals.  The chosen Strategy is specified over a set period of time within a given budget, using selected benchmarks to measure progress.  In our experience, each organisation, project, product, or service needs a specific purpose-designed Sustainability Strategy to be effective.  Selection of the appropriate set of benchmarks is critical to meet legal, operational and market expectations.  And deployment of the appropriate set of Sustainability Services and Tools provides measurable benefits in terms of money, time, market position, legal protection, and reputational gain.

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5. Targeted Action Plan

Now that the Specific Sustainability Strategy is defined, a Targeted Action Plan with objectives, benchmarks, tasks, timing and budget can be devised and actioned.  All of our Action Plans are customised according to the client's needs and size.  For example, a small business may only need a simple ComplianceCheck™ (compliance with relevant law) and basic Sustainability Strategy Sustainer1™ (efficiency with materials, water, chemical and energy use, carbon neutrality, sustainable procurement).  A large international exporter may benefit from an internal MySMS™ (MySustainabilityManagementSystem), and top level Sustainer5™ Sustainability Strategy.

Our Sustainability Services and Tools are customisable for each client.

Some examples appear below, with more on our Xpertise pages.    

  • ComplianceCheck™ - check of status against relevant environmental laws

  • GreenAuditPro - professional audit of sustainability status and claims

  • GreenMarketMonitor™ - current market position, trends, SWOT analysis, action plan

  • GreenTracer™ - sustainable procurement, "up" and "down" supply chain analyses

  • LifeCyclePro™ - sustainability status of products and services using life-cycle analysis

  • MySMS™ - on-line ISO Standards-based health, safety and environmental management system

  • Sustainer1™ - basic sustainability strategy Level 1, to Level 5 for complex organisations or systems

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6. Sustainable Futures

A Sustainable Future is the direction we head for in all the advice and services we provide here at GreenXperts.  There are a variety of possible "Sustainable Futures" out there depending on decisions and actions made now.  Our Targeted Action Plans, correctly implemented, are pathfinders towards Sustainable Futures for organisations, businesses, projects, products and services.  Sustainable Operations, Revenues and Reputation for generations to come.  Sustainable Business = Sustainable Society. 

We would like our children, grand-children and future descendants of people all over the world to be able to enjoy Planet Earth's blessings in perpetuity.  Wise and future-focused sustainable management of every human activity from the simplest to the most complex is critical to reverse damage, alleviate poverty, and guarantee a sustainable future for the One Planet we have.  

Sure Sustainability is like a strawberry - beautiful, precious, delicious and delicate.  We look forward to playing our part in working with our clients and others to secure a strawberry-rich sustainable future.