Green Ratings - Overview

Sustainability Performance Ratings for Organisations, Products, Services, Programmes

G | GG- | GG | GG+ | GGG- | GGG

A Green Rating by GreenXperts is a Sustainability Performance Rating for an organisation, product, service, or programme.  It can be used as an indicator of the "planet-worthy" status of an activity.  We use a six point green rating scale of G | GG- | GG | GG+ | GGG- | GGG to verify green claims made by organisations, products, services and programmes. "Single G" is Adequate, "Double G" is Very Good, and finally "Triple G" is Excellent, with plus or or minus grades to show progress between the major ratings.

Our Weighted Attributes Scoring protocol is the "greenwash filter" that we use to assign the Green Rating score.  Each application for a green rating is put through our "greenwash filter" to determine what rating it should be awarded. The rating awarded and its summary report is shown on our XList. For example the Carbon Forestry Property rated GGG shown above (photograph Bayleys Real Estate 2019), is listed as an example at XList.

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Green Ratings - Method

Project Description | ESG | Suitably Qualified Persons | Monitoring | Transparency

A Weighted Attributes scoring system is a method widely used to compare different project, product, system, or bidding proposals where a large number of factors can affect the result.  Certain key criteria critical to the project being assessed are listed, and they are weighted with a mathematical score that reflects the importance of each assessment criteria.  A weighted score of 'X' out of 100 presents a convenient and easily understood assessment protocol.

As independent science-based assessors, we offer independent Green Ratings using five rating criteria: Project Description, Environmental and Social Governance criteria (ESG Suite) customised for the activity, Suitably Qualified Persons (from appropriate technical disciplines make the claim on behalf of the applicant), Monitoring and Transparency.  The ESG Suite is weighted at 50%, because they are by far the most important factors in "green assurance".  Project Description is weighted at 15%, clarity and completeness needed.  Suitably Qualified Persons for integrity of assurance is weighted at 15%, and Monitoring weighted at 5%, because sustainability is a long game and monitoring systems are often inadequate or missing.  Finally, Transparency is weighted at 15%, it being the characteristic that generates the most public complaint about inadequate disclosure. 

The Pataua North Boat Ramp shown above scored 93/100, earning a GGG (Triple GGG - Excellent) rating for a new Marine Service in Whangarei District, New Zealand.  Go to XList for its full rating report. 

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