Expertise: "expert opinion, skill or knowledge" 

Carbon & Climate Change Management

We have been involved in carbon management since the start of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme in 2008.  Our experience, contacts, and knowledge of the complexities of the Scheme mean we can guide you through it to achieve the best possible results.  Clients that followed our advice in 2019 have benefited from a 32% increase in the value of their carbon credit (NZU) forestry holdings as of early June 2021. Carbon forestry can definitely make marginal land pay.

Climate change management is an activity for the long haul.  Our 2005 predictions (along with others) on bush-fire hazard in Australia have unfortunately come true, but our advice has always been based on the "Be Prepared" principle.  Much time, expense and heartache can be saved by wise and realistic forward planning, and there are opportunities to create better futures for ourselves and our children. Contact us for experienced proven advice on mitigation and adaptation.

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Consents & Project Management

Need help planning and consenting your next project? Let us guide you. We have long experience taking clients through the complexities of the resource consent granting process, and coordinating the (large or small) teams of specialists needed to complete a successful development.

As a first step, our QuickCheck™ reports provide you with a rapid planning and environmental report on key factors, rules, risks and opportunities related to property purchase and development potential.  You can order these online at our XShop

Then, whether it's big or small, our disciplined PRINCE2 based project management skills, consent authority contacts and knowledge, and our ability to talk to anyone, anywhere (!) will help you with your project.

Farm Environmental Plans are now compulsory in New Zealand.  All farms over 20 hectares are required to have a FEP in place within a statutory time limit.  With our background in early Regional Council FEP projects, farm forestry and water management consulting for farmer clients, and independent ISO-based plan auditing, we are uniquely placed to help farmers make the best of new freshwater management laws.  Business Carbon Plans based on a similar international standard format are also available. For rapid help with carbon plan and sustainability management issues, Contact Us.


Certification & Environmental Auditing

Various forms of environmental audit exist.  Consent condition reviews and operational audits ensure that environmental risks are minimised,  problems caught early, and the unpleasant results of non-compliance avoided.  Green Ratings rate the reliability of green claims.  We have completed literally dozens of these types of audit, and clients are always happy to have clarity.

Green Bond Ratings is another area where reliable verification is in demand.  Recent reviews of certain green bond verification systems have noted that they don't stand up to examination.  Our science-based green bond rating system provides investors with independent certainty that a green bond is truly "green". 

Ecolabels on products and services can advance sales and market penetration, provided the ecolabel is independent and reliable.  Our sister company Green Tick Certification Limited offers "Green Tick® - The Ultimate Ecolabel".  In 23 years of service Green Tick® has never been challenged or discredited, and is the only ecolabel to show proven sale increases following certification. 

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