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Planning & Projects

Our 21st Century-focused professional resource management planning and project management services range from due diligence and feasibility studies through to master planning, development consenting, and key policy work at all levels. Our project management services are based on ISO and SCRUM project disciplines so that task and budget settings are kept in order. Our 35 years' of experience have shown us that sustained and disciplined management of plans and projects with targeted project marketing are the keys to success.

Mapping & Modelling



Be careful what you sign up for! It always pays to check out other parties' project proposals, land and forest prospects, carbon and sustainability claims before committing to purchase or risk. Our due diligence will give you the inside story  on the multiple layers of planning, risk, environmental management and carbon status so you can be fully informed. Talk with us today about how our due diligence services can benefit you and your projects.


Not sure if a resource project or proposal is feasible or if it stacks up in the real world? Our feasibility study services are based on proven government and private models for project funding. Get some certainty on your project proposal with our feasibility study services, or have us check out that feasibility study to determine  whether a project and its funding stacks up.  Talk with us today about how our  independent feasibility services can help you pursue genuine opportunities.


The quality of project planning is one of the key foundations for project success. Our project planning always includes a thorough site assessment, defined portfolio of resource and carbon law that applies, risk assessment, and scenario building that scopes the  possible outcomes of a project. A critical element often under-appreciated is project promotion and marketing to stakeholders, neighbours and authorities. Talk with us today about how our canny project planning can help you.


The rules in National Policy Statements and National Standards, Regional, and District Plans determine the development envelope that business and resource managers operate within. Our Statutory Planning Now service provides you with an invaluable  summary of the current statutory position that applies. Our Statutory Planning Futures service gives an early heads-up on changes to comeTalk with us today about how our Statutory Planning services can help manage your present and future projects.



Central and local government policies are powerful tools that determine the structure of the law now, and in years to come.  Your customer's policies will also have fundamental effects on your business, especially in the "greening" world.   We can help with policy analysis, summary, and risk-reward positions for policies that affect you. We can also help with creating timely 21st Century policy structures for your business that will give you advantages in the days to come. Talk with us today about key policy services customised for you.


Project management disciplines determine much of the success of a project. Our 35 years' of experience tells us that different projects may need different project management tools. We have project managers trained in the two most successful and widely used project management disciplines - ISO Systems and SCRUM. These models are used on our projects depending on best fit. A wary and experienced eye is a big advantage. Talk with us today about the best project management disciplines for your projects.

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