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Add weight and status to your green claims with genuine verification. With our audit, rating, and verification services, we can assist you in making your green claims stand out. Get a green claim stamp that is obvious and echoes reliability with our independent verification services. Talk to us today about establishing a sound green credentials platform in your organisation, and how to obtain and deploy the most effective genuine green credential for your business and products.



Green Verification involves professional verification of green claims against specified ESG or life cycle (LCA) standards. Once verified, you will be able to place the powerful GreenXperts Verified stamp on your products and services. The GreenXperts Verified stamp will be the X-factor in your market, helping you to stand out with genuine green credentials. See our example  Green Bond Verification Summary. Have a chat with us today about getting verified in your industry.


As a part of your green claim verification, your products and services can be supplied with a Green Rating. These are available using a three-point green performance rating scale of G | GG | GGG.  We can provide a robust specific rating system for every industry. We also supply Green Finance ratings for financial services. Talk with us today about how a Green Rating can bolster your reputation, green profile, and business position.



Green Claims improve sales. Authorities are in the process of tightening up on green claims that don't have  sufficient science backing. Our Green Claim Strategies help you comply with the latest standards and improve profile, sales, and market reputation. Contact us today about a robust targeted Green Claim strategy for your company.  
Image from UK Green Claim programme


Catch the eyes of your audience with the Green Tick® – The Ultimate Ecolabel. Check out our Green Tick Certification® website (including Green Tracer®) to explore our range of globally available ecolabels that could go on your products and services.

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