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Cyclone Recovery Plans and Climate Response Plans essential for asset protection

Climate Change as a real and present danger has forcefully introduced itself to New Zealand in recent days. Leaving aside the historical warnings that had been given but mostly ignored, there is has been massive damage to land and infrastructure assets from Cyclones Hale and Gabrielle this New Zealand summer.

Events of this size, which are likely to re-occur in future, require well-thought-out, sober recovery and future prevention planning coordinated across the community in each catchment area.

After emergency work is completed and the situation stabilised, mapping the damage in 3D will be essential to give an accurate, realistic, real-time view of the recovery job to be done. Then each step of the recovery can be competently planned out, resourced and costed.

3D maps are an important tool for insurance claims for damage to assets, New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Adverse Events reports for damaged carbon farms, recovery planning and funding of recovery projects. GreenXperts has fast drones that can fly into inaccessible areas and cover large areas of land in one sweep. Our scientists can link drone and satellite footage to specialist 3D maps to give asset owners "real world" views, and most importantly, accurate measures of the asset replacement work needing done. We can also model flood flows and land slip risks, for example, so that assets are returned to safe places and built in a fashion that reduces future risk.

Cyclone Recovery Plans and Climate Response Plans are part of the 21st Century future. We need to get very good at them.

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