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Fairhill Forest VVCC® - 140,000 Premium Voluntary Carbon Credits For Sale

Updated: Mar 23

Expressions of Interest are invited for this exclusive release of 140,000 VVCC® - premium quality Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits from the Pre-1990 New Zealand native Fairhill Forest in Westland, New Zealand.

After two years' research into an authentic voluntary carbon credit scheme for Pre-1990 New Zealand Native Forest, we are very proud to announce the release of the first-ever tranche of Voluntary Vintage Carbon Credits: Protecting the Giants® – Voluntary Credits from Pre-1990 Native New Zealand forest, protected for 100 years. Yarra Holdings Limited have partnered with us to deploy our Avoided Deforestation method to protect their Fairhill Forest for 100 years, qualifying for the issue of 140,000 voluntary credits.

The credits have been verified by GreenXperts Limited, New Zealand, and validated by Dr Mona Wells, Climate Science Director, Meadows Center, Texas State University, USA, according to ISO 14064-2 and the New Zealand Government Interim Guidance for Voluntary Climate Change Mitigation 2022.

As far as we are aware, they are the only authentic forest-sourced voluntary credits available for sale in the world. Further details are available on the websites below.

Please direct inquiries regarding further forest projects to Susan Harris, Chief Scientist, GreenXperts Limited, Mobile: +64 22 1544 958, email:

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