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Carbon Credit Value in Regenerating NZ Native Forests

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is unique in the world in that it is the only national ETS that includes carbon forestry. Young native forest of the right age group (less than 33 years) planted or regenerating on previously non-forest land qualifies for carbon credits to be issued under the ETS. A carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon stored in a tree. Recently, prices have ranged from $NZD67 - $NZD87 per carbon credit. This price makes it economically viable for rural landowners to place their regenerating native trees into the ETS and receive an income from credits.

At $67.50 per credit, 100 hectares of 20 year old regenerating native forest (scrub) could earn up to $700,000 over 10 years, 250 hectares up to $1.7 million, and 500 hectares up to $3.5 million (please note, these numbers are estimates only and are dependent on credit price).

Newly planted native trees can also earn credits from the year they are planted. Carbon yields are slow at first, but ramp up from Year 6.

GreenXperts is encouraging rural landowners with native trees of right age group to put them in the ETS and earn revenue where otherwise there might be none.

Our high-tech 3D-based mapping yields up to 20% more credits than 2D (flat land) mapping. This way we maximise carbon revenue and other sustainability benefits for our clients. Once a property is mapped in 3D, it is easy to provide other super-accurate land development and risk management services without having to do the mapping again.

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