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Carbon credits claimable for 100 years from Permanent Post-1989 Forest

Carbon credits can be claimed for 100 years from Permanent Post-1989 Forest

The 2023 amendment to the Climate Change Response Act 2002 allows carbon credits to be claimed from registered permanent Post-1989 forest for up to 100 years. A permanent forest must be in place for at least 50 years. There is now an option available to extend the registration for a first period of 25 years, and then for a second period of 25 years. This policy change is primarily targeted at the inclusion of native forest in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Our 3D mapping service gives clients a real world maximum credit yield count as the forest grows. And our MyCarbon® application can quickly calculate 50, 75 and 100 year revenue projections using various credit values over time. Good news for the climate and for carbon farmers!

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