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Notes for Carbon Farmers #1 - Tupu-ake information transfer issues

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

As carbon farmers and practitioners may be aware, Te Uru Rakau - NZ Forest Service's new online system "Tupu-ake" came on-line in January 2023. Errors in data transfer were noted by GreenXperts:

1) Not all clients listed on the former CCIS on-line system transferred across - 21 GreenXperts "Join NZETS Applications" forest clients failed to transfer

2) Some clients that were no longer carbon farmers or clients with GreenXperts Limited were still listed under our Tupu-ake account

3) For client data that was transferred - some key client data - names and addresses etc - did not transfer fully

No GreenXperts client data was permanently lost as we have back-ups of all our files.

We have asked TUR-NZFS to address these issues. We will advise the date they are remedied.

Disclaimer: Notes to Carbon Farmers includes information on practice issues for Carbon Farmers compliments of GreenXperts Limited. These notes are for information only and do not constitute advice of any kind. GreenXperts Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of this information by any party. Updates on factual matters will occur as needed, and will be posted on this Blog Category from time to time. Please contact us directly with any queries.

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