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Notes for Carbon Farmers #3 - Tupu-ake Record Errors - Averaging Status

This is a brief note to advise carbon farmers and practitioners of possible errors in the "Tupu-ake" online system for Forestry ETS participants.

Last month we applied on behalf of a client to transfer his forest to averaging accounting because the Tupu-ake record showed it qualified "Yes". However the application was declined. We were informed by the MPI officer that the Tupu-ake record was wrong, and that he had corrected it while processing our application. Our client is now unnecessarily out-of-pocket.

We have asked TUR-NZFS to address this issue in its next Forestry ETS Alert, and to let us know when errors of this nature have been corrected in the Tupu-ake database. We will advise when we hear confirmation they have been. In the meantime, proceed with caution!

Disclaimer: Notes to Carbon Farmers includes information on practice issues for Carbon Farmers compliments of GreenXperts Limited. These notes are for information only and do not constitute advice of any kind. GreenXperts Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of this information by any party. Updates on factual matters will occur as needed, and will be posted on this Blog Category from time to time. Please contact us directly with any queries.

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