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Notes for Carbon Farmers #4 - Tupu-ake Upgrade Removes Fully Manual Option for Emission Returns

Last week's (early June 2023) upgrade of Tupu-ake has removed the fully manual return option for carbon farmers to lodge an Emissions Return via your Tupu-ake log-in.

This means that if you do not have an account on Tupu-ake, or it is incorrect in key details because your information was lost during the January 2023 transfer from CCIS (the old online system) to Tupu-ake, you will not be able to submit an Emissions Return on-line. Nor will you be able to correct key details. There does not appear to be any paper option provided for as a back-up to the online system. All the paper Emission Return forms have disappeared from the Te Uru Rakau - NZ Forest Service Forestry ETS section of the MPI website.

Emissions Returns for the mandatory Final Emission Return period 2018-2022 are due by 30 June 2023 - or by 23 June 2023 in some cases. Be careful that you don't miss out on your rightful allocation of credits because your account was lost and has not yet been restored to Tupu-ake; or because your details are wrong or missing, making you unable to submit a correct Emissions Return on Tupu-ake by the due date. Contact TUR-NZFS in writing right away and ask them to fix your account immediately or restore the fully manual return option.

Disclaimer: Notes to Carbon Farmers includes information on practice issues for Carbon Farmers compliments of GreenXperts Limited. These notes are for information only and do not constitute advice of any kind. GreenXperts Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of this information by any party. Updates on factual matters will occur as needed, and will be posted on this Blog Category from time to time. Please contact us directly with any queries.

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