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Notes for Carbon Farmers #6 - Carbon prices go up as High Court finds against Government

Last week, on Thursday 13 July 2023, the Government admitted in the High Court that it had not followed its own climate law in setting prices for Government auctions of carbon credits. Lawyers for Climate Action had brought the case against the Minister for Climate Change. The Court has directed the Government to review its settings. This morning, Monday 17 July 2023, the secondary market has reacted with carbon credit prices jumping from $38 to $45. We are recommending that our clients hold on to their credits as prices recover.

Disclaimer: Notes to Carbon Farmers includes information on practice issues for Carbon Farmers compliments of GreenXperts Limited. These notes are for information only and do not constitute advice of any kind. GreenXperts Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of this information by any party. Updates on factual matters will occur as needed, and will be posted on this Blog Category from time to time. Please contact us directly with any queries.

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