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Demand is growing for our combination service: Carbon Potential Reports for rural land, plus One Billion Tree (1BT) Funding Applications to help plant trees on marginal land.


The planned changes to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Forestry rules plus the 1BT Funding Programme make New Zealand the best place in the world to become a carbon farmer!

Our unique combination of Carbon Potential Reports and Billion Tree Applications is in demand now as landowners take up the opportunity.

Contact Us for advice on how to release the value waiting for you in your trees!!!

GreenXperts is an international network dedicated to providing world class solutions to the sustainability challenges that face our clients, our communities, and our planet.

Our Xperts are a proven team of experienced professionals focused on doing a great job today, and looking for a better way to do the job tomorrow. 

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Independently Certified Carbon Credits

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Changes to Carbon Accounting for Forestry in NZ Emissions Trading Scheme

In early November 2019 the New Zealand Government released a paper outlining proposed changes to carbon accounting methods for Forestry in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.  These changes are quite significant, and will amount to a noticeable modification in carbon credit holdings for landowners in future.

The changes to legislation and regulations are now underway, with submissions closing on 20 December 2019.

We are updating our MyCarbon software to include these changes, so that carbon liabilities and carbon assets can be quickly and efficiently calculated without huge costs for our clients. 

Contact us now if you need an update on your carbon position under the new ETS, a helping hand in maximising your forests' carbon value, and plans for the future.